Where to Stay in Washington, D.C. with Family

Written by – Updated October 18, 2021

My husband and I are always being asked what are the best places to stay in Washington, D.C. for families. Most families can agree finding a hotel in a comfortable neighborhood that has suite rooms, parking and offers breakfast is a big help. The most important tip we have for families with kids visiting Washington, D.C. is to utilize the Metro. The Metro opens up access to affordable hotels for families on a budget, but even better eliminates traffic headaches and parking headaches. Families that just want a places to stay near the National Mall and Smithsonian Museums will find want to check out the Holiday Inn near the Smithsonian Metro Station.


Best Places to Stay in DC with Family

What are the best places to stay in Washington, D.C. with kids? The top five neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. we suggest families consider when visiting for the first time are Ballston, Foggy-Bottom, Bethesda, Branch Ave (Camp Springs, MD), and staying south of the National Mall on Capitol Hill.

Location Commute Hotels
Ballston 15 mins $$
Foggy Bottom 10 mins $$
Lenfant 5 mins $$
Bethesda 20 mins $
Branch Ave. 30 mins $

5 Best Family Hotels In DC

What are the best hotels for families in Washington, D.C.? The best hotels for families in Washington, D.C. are Capitol Holiday Inn for its proximity to the National Mall, the Country Inn & Suites in Camp Springs, MD near the Metro, the Omni in Woodley Park for its resort like feel and large outdoor pool, and Residence Inn at the Ballston Metro station in Arlington, VA and the River Inn and Suites for its proximity to the National Mall and safe surrounding due to its proximity to George Washington University.

#1 – Capitol Holiday Inn


Without question the best hotel for families who want a safe hotel near Smithsonian museums and the National Mall is the Capitol Holiday Inn. Families will be able to walk to the monuments and museums without taking the Metro. The hotel has gone through renovations in 2014 and much is new. There is a beautiful courtyard and rooftop pool so kids can swim as well as run around close to the hotel. What you get in convenience you’ll pay for in two ways. For starters parking is over $35 per day, and breakfast is not free. Read more about the Holiday Inn near the National Mall, or check rates for this hotel below.

#2 – Country Inn & Suites at Branch Ave. (MD Suburbs)

Families who are looking for hotels with large suite rooms and don’t want to spend more than about $125 per night should look into Country Inn and Suites near the Branch Ave Metro station. Parking, breakfast and wifi are free. There is a shuttle to the Metro station even though its walkable, and the hotel is just off I-495.

#3 – Residence Inn at Ballston, VA

The Residence Inn at Ballston is an excellent choice for large families that want to stay at a newer hotel that offers suites rooms and free breakfast. The hotel is located in Ballston and the location is a nice blend of quick access to the National Mall and highways. The surrounding neighborhoods is a comfortable urban pocket that is busy during the day and quite at night. There are over 40 restaurants nearby.

#4 – Omni at Woodley Park

resort hotel in washington, dc for families

The Omni hotel at Woodley Park stands out because of its large grounds making this hotel feel more like a resort in the middle of Washington, D.C.’s urban neighborhoods. Families will appreciate the proximity to the Zoo which is a short walk away. Woodley Park is home to affluent families and professionals. Commuting to the National Mall will take about 15 minutes via the Metro. Families who want to a resort style hotel in Washington, D.C. will enjoy this hotel.

#5 – River Inn at Foggy-Bottom

The River Inn near George Washington University at the Foggy Bottom Metro station stands out for its large suite rooms that will accommodate large families. The location is technically within downtown D.C., but you’ll need to be prepared to walk an extra 10 minutes to get to the National Mall. Families will appreciate the that the neighborhood is filled with student. Unfortunately GWU is one of the most expensive schools in the country so don’t let your kids get too attached. Georgetown is a short walk as well. For these reasons this is one of the best locations for families with older kids visiting Washington, D.C.