Best Hotels in Virginia Near Washington, D.C.

Written by – Updated November 17th, 2023

hotels in virginia near washington dc

Finding a hotel in Virginia near Washington, DC is easy. Selecting the best neighborhood and the right hotel is harder. One thing to keep in mind while searching for a hotel in Virginia near DC is that hotel rates on the weekend drop by $50 to $75 dollars. Also, ask anyone who has visited Washington, DC and they will tell you that the Metro system will make your life easier, especially commuting from Virginia. The Metro helps tourist and business travelers avoid traffic headaches, parking costs, and confusing interchanges. Below is more information on the best hotels, and the best neighborhoods near Virginia Metro stations.

1487978670_office-building Staying in Virginia while visiting Washington, DC has its advantages. Travelers like VA hotels near DC because of the short commute time into DC, and proximity to DCA and Dulles International Airport. There is also good highway access with several Metro station options along I-66, I-495, and I-95 south of DC. Plus there are some marquee urban hubs like Arlington, Alexandria, and Tysons Corner. Each of these unique urban hubs have positive qualities.

Top Places to Stay in VA near Metro

Station Location Neighborhood
Braddock Alexandria, VA Urban Residential
Huntington-Eisenhower Alexandria, VA Urban Residential
Rosslyn Arlington, VA Urban Residential
Crystal City Arlington, VA Urban Residential
Ballston VA Urban Residential
Dunn-Loring VA Suburbs
Falls Church VA Suburbs
Franconia / Springfield VA Suburbs
Spring Hill VA Suburbs

Cheap Hotels in VA near Metro


There are three cheap hotels in Virginia near DC where travelers can find a good blend of economy amenities and comfort. Those hotels are the Americana near Reagan National Airport. The Comfort Inn near the Spring Hill Metro station in Tysons Corner and the Econo Lodge near the East Falls Church Metro station. Commuting on the Metro into downtown DC, or to the National Mall from these locations will take over 20 minutes. Rates will usually move between $100 and $135 per night. Parking is free at all options and a grab n go breakfast. Staying in Tysons at the Comfort Inn means good access to some of the United States biggest malls. Staying at the Americana means quick access to the DCA airport. And the Econo Lodge is just off I-66. Out of the three the Americana offers the shortest commute time to DC. Check out this hotel first.

Econo Lodge

Econo Lodge
Rates - $
Blocks to Metro - 2
Parking - Free
Wifi - Free
Breakfast - Free Cold Items
Airport Shuttle - No
Econo Lodge
6800 Lee Hwy., Arlington, VA, 22213, US
Falls Church Metro Station
19th Rd N, Arlington, VA 22205, United States

VA Hotel for Families


Virginia has a few options that may entice some families. The first place to consider is the Holiday Inn at Rosslyn. The hotel has a few suite style rooms that have competitive rates when compared to suites at other hotels. There are a handful of suite focused hotels near VA Metro stations. Families can consider the Embassy Suites at Tysons Corner. Parkig is free, and so is breakfast. Another option is the Doubletree or Embassy Suites near the airport in Crystal City. The problem with these two hotels is that it is not easy to walk to the Metro from the hotel. There are Residence Inns near the Ballston, or Clarendon Metro stations. But these hotels have a tendencies to sell out early. Of the two the Residence Inn near the Ballston Metro station stands out. The hotel is brand new, and only a short 3 blocks to either the Ballston or Virginia Square Metro stations. Families will appreciate Ballston for its restaurant possibilities, and the Quincy Park just two blocks from the Metro station. Read more about Ballston, or check rates now for the Residence Inn.

Residence Inn

Residence Inn
Rates - $$
Blocks to Metro - 2
Parking - $16 / Day
Wifi - Free
Breakfast - Free
Airport Shuttle - No
Residence Inn
650 North Quincy Street, Arlington, Virginia 22203 USA
Ballston Metro Station
4230 Fairfax Dr, Arlington, VA 22201, USA

Virginia Areas on DC Metro

Best VA areas with a Metro near D.C.

Alexandria (Old Town)


Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up The Old Town area is a great location to stay for visitors looking for charm and the opportunity to see some non-traditional DC sites. It is very walkable, well-connected to DC by public transportation, and convenient to Reagan National Airport, so if you are not driving, this location is an ideal one. There are three Metro stations in Alexandria. We recommend taking a look at Braddock or Eisenhower over King Street.

Braddock Metro

1487828236_metro There are four hotels within walking distance to the Braddock Metro station. Braddock is a new Metro station in Alexandria and staying here is preferable to the King Street station in Alexandria because on average hotels are cheaper, plus the location is close to most of Alexandria’s main tourist attractions. The one drawback however, is that each hotel is 5-6 blocks away from the Metro. Hotels near Braddock Metro.

Eisenhower Metro

1487828236_metro Eisenhower Metro station. We recommended the Holiday Inn because it is closer to the Metro, just one block away, and on average has lower rates during weekdays. Hotels near Eisenhower Metro.

King Street Metro

1487828236_metroThere are five hotels near the King Street (Alexandria) Metro station. We recommend checking out the Wyndam if you are a family and driving to DC because the Wyndam offers free parking and has large suite style rooms. Hotels near King Street Metro.

Crystal City


nieghborhood_vibe_48Neighborhood Vibe: Crystal City is an urban area of Arlington, VA, mostly dedicated to business. While its close proximity to the Pentagon means you’ll find a number of high-rises filled with young professionals and military personnel, the neighborhood can empty out after business areas. This is a safe neighborhood and the metro is in close walking distance to the hotels. Crystal City does, however, straddle a major highway, so visitors, especially those with small children, should be cautious of traffic while walking around. Hotels near Crystal City Metro.

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Crystal City is a great location for those visiting on business who need quick access to DCA and the Pentagon. It is generally more affordable than neighborhoods in DC proper, so is a great option for tourists. Hotels near Crystal City Metro.



nieghborhood_vibe_48Neighborhood Vibe: The Clarendon and Courthouse metro stations form the heart of bustling Arlington. A little less than a mile separates these two stations, but the area is a vibrant, urban center, and the section of Arlington that has the most to offer visitors. Full of luxury high-rises and single-family homes, Clarendon/Courthouse is home to affluent families and young professionals. Though the area can get a bit rowdy on weekend nights, this neighborhood is safe and welcoming. Hotels near Clarendon Metro.

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up This neighborhood is ideal for all visitors. Families and those traveling without children will all find something about this comfortable area to recommend. Shoppers will enjoy the mix of major retailers, like Ann Taylor and Pottery Barn, and independent shops, like South Moon Under, a local clothing boutique. Hotels near Clarendon Metro.

Dunn Loring


nieghborhood_vibe_48Neighborhood Vibe: Dunn Loring is a community in Fairfax County, Virginia. It is located on the orange line. While you’ll find shopping centers and high-rise apartments close to the metro, head a bit farther out for quiet streets filled with single-family homes. An affluent area home mostly to families, visitors to the area will feel comfortable and safe. Hotels near Dunn Loring Metro.

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up This area is a great bet for those who don’t mind being a bit outside of DC or who have business in northern Virginia. This is a great family-friendly choice. Hotels near Dunn Loring Metro.

Falls Church


nieghborhood_vibe_48Neighborhood Vibe: Falls Church is a suburban area of northern Virginia with what residents refer to as “small-town charm.” Home to families in single family homes built mostly in the early 20th century, Falls Church as an area is not a walkable neighborhood, though the hotel is a short, walkable distance to the metro. Visitors should be prepared to drive to amenities. Hotels near Falls Church Metro.

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up This area is a great bet for those who don’t mind being a bit outside of DC or who have business in northern Virginia. This is a great family-friendly choice. Hotels near Falls Church Metro.



nieghborhood_vibe_48Neighborhood Vibe: The Ballston Neighborhood is located just off of I-66 about 15 minutes outside DC in Virginia along the Orange and Silver lines. It is part of Arlington, VA. Ballston is a vibrant area filled with luxury apartments and office buildings. Walk 3 blocks from the Metro and the urban landscape turns to dense suburbia filled with townhomes. Ballston’s population is predominantly young professionals. There is a yuppie vibe to it, but with that affluence brings charming squares and over 40 restaurants. Most travels and residents will describe Ballston as as safe place with people on the streets late into the night and early in the morning. If Arlington is your destination Ballston is generally your best choice. Hotels near Ballston Metro.

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up This neighborhood and hotel price point appeals to just about all travelers. With good proximity to downtown, airports and the National Mall it is hard to go wrong at Ballston as long as your budget can handle the high weekday rates. Hotels near Ballston Metro.

Franconia / Springfield


nieghborhood_vibe_48Neighborhood Vibe: The Franconia-Springfield stop is located at the very end of the blue and yellow metro lines in suburban Virginia. This is mainly a commuter area where you’ll find your typical suburban sprawl. This area isn’t very walkable, so you’ll need a car to get around the immediate area. Visitors heading into the city should take the metro; traffic through this area can often be at a standstill. Hotels near Franconia / Springfield Metro.

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up This area is best suited to travelers who don’t mind traveling for amenities and who aren’t looking for a lot of charm in the neighborhood. It is convenient for those needing access to both DC and areas further south in Virginia, such as Quantico. While its proximity to the interchange leaves the neighborhood lacking in many ways, its convenience to all of the area’s major highways cannot be denied. Hotels near Franconia / Springfield Metro.



nieghborhood_vibe_48Neighborhood Vibe: Rosslyn is a neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia, located just across the Potomac River from DC proper. Rosslyn lies on the blue, orange, and silver lines and is notable for the high-rise buildings that make up the Virginia skyline as viewed from DC. Rosslyn is home to mostly young professionals taking up residences in the high-rise apartment buildings. This area is really the commercial center of Arlington; you’ll find better nightlife and activity options in the Clarendon/Courthouse neighborhood just a bit south. Rosslyn is bustling on weekdays; while still safe on the weekends, you’ll find it much quieter. Hotels near Rosslyn Metro.

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Being the heart of commercial Arlington, Rosslyn is the ideal place for business travelers to northern Virginia. Those looking to stay in a vibrant neighborhood should look to nearby Clarendon/Courthouse, but Rosslyn is a good option for visitors looking to stay outside the city, but retain easy access. Hotels near Rosslyn Metro.



nieghborhood_vibe_48Neighborhood Vibe: Vienna is a suburb in northern Virginia located at the end of the orange line. Here you’ll find typical suburban sprawl—multi-lane highways, strip malls, and a mix of townhouses and single-family homes. The biggest upside to this area is proximity to the Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy museum that features hundreds of real fighter jets, and the space shuttle. This is a fairly affluent area where the biggest struggle will be the traffic and the area’s general lack of walkability. Expect to spend over 30 minutes commuting int the city. Hotels near Vienna Metro.

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Vienna is conveniently located to I66 for access to the rest of Virginia and into DC. This, plus its location on the orange line, which runs reliably into downtown, makes this area a good option for visitors who would still like access to all of the attractions but are looking to save a little money. Hotels near Vienna Metro.

Tysons Corner Metro

1487828236_metro here are five brand name hotels within walking distance to the Tysons Corner Metro. We recommend looking at Crowne Plaza as a first choice, and Courtyard by Marriott as a second choice. Hotels near Tysons Corner.

Spring Hill Metro

1487828236_metro There are four hotel options near the Spring Hill Metro station near Tysons Corner. We recommended the Quality Inn because of its very affordable rates and free parking. Hotels near Spring Hill Metro.