Should You Stay Near the Falls Church Metro?

Written by Katie Howard – Updated November 13, 2023
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What is the Best Falls Church Hotel?

1484271751_08_thumbs_up The Best Falls Church Hotel: Econo Lodge
Why: Economy Rates, Free Parking, Wifi, Breakfast

There is one hotel within walking distance to the Falls Church Metro and that is the Econo Lodge. For travelers that need a clean room with basic amenities the Econo Lodge is an excellent choice. Rates average below $100 and a vast majority of online reviews are positive. People like this hotel because it is clean and offers free parking, wifi and a grab and go breakfast. Its location along I-66 is valued because guests can avoid driving further into DC. If the weather is nice you’ll have a 10 minute walk to the hotel from the Metro. Unfortunately, the Econo Lodge does not offer a shuttle. It is important to mention the three story hotel does not have an elevator and this bothered some guests especially on hot days. This is not an ideal choice to impress a loved one, but overall the Econo Lodge offers affordable rates close to Arlington, VA and the downtown Washington, DC.

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Other Nearby Hotel Options

While the Econo Lodge is not the only local hotel, if you drive 2 minutes from the Falls Church Metro, within a 5-10 minute drive you can find other options. Since there are 45 metered parking spaces at the Falls Church Metro station staying at a nearby hotel and driving to the Metro is an option. Parking at the Metro station is $4.95 per day. Be advised that is not many spaces considering the volume of people who may commute into DC from this area. Use the widget below to compare rates at the local hotels close to the Falls Church Metro station.

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Staying Near the Falls Church Metro

nieghborhood_vibe_48Falls Church Neighborhood: Falls Church is a suburban area of northern Virginia with what residents refer to as “small-town charm.” Home to families in single family homes built mostly in the early 20th century, Falls Church as an area is not a walkable neighborhood. Visitors should be prepared to drive to just about everything. Bikers and joggers will enjoy the easy access to the W & OD Trial, which will take you to the heart of Arlington, VA and all the way into downtown DC or the National Mall. Falls Church will appeal to any traveler who want to stay in a comfortable suburban surrounding with a short Metro ride to the Smithsonian Museums. Families who simply need a place to sleep and don’t mind driving to the Metro should find suitable options here.

things_to_do_48 Falls Church – Where to Eat, What to Do, Pictures

Falls Church Hotel Map

Things to Do in Falls Church


things_to_do_48Things to Do: Getting to the tourist attractions will take visitors between 20 and 30 minutes on the metro. Those choosing to park at the metro are recommended to use West Falls Church station, which has a much larger parking facility than East Falls Church, which is closer to the Econo Lodge. Its proximity to I66 makes it ideal for those venturing farther south into Virginia to visit historic sites, particularly Civil War battlegrounds. Bikers and joggers will enjoy the easy access to the W & OD Trial, which will take you to the heart of Arlington, VA.


what_to_east_48What to Eat: Head to Sweetwater Tavern for hand crafted beers and “world famous” fajitas or try the Vietnamese cuisine at Four Sisters. Falls Church does offer a few of its own attractions, such as Cherry Hill Farmhouse, a historic site; The State Theater, a music venue; and Eden Center, a Vietnamese-American shopping center that offers visitors a variety of places to eat and a cultural experience. Within close driving district is the Mosaic District, where visitors will find a variety of restaurants and shopping, and Tyson’s Corner, the largest shopping center in the area.

Hotels in Falls Church

1. Econo Lodge Metro

Econo Lodge
Rates - $
Blocks to Metro - 2
Parking - Free
Wifi - Free
Breakfast - Free Cold Items
Airport Shuttle - No
Econo Lodge
6800 Lee Hwy., Arlington, VA, 22213, US
Falls Church Metro Station
19th Rd N, Arlington, VA 22205, United States