Best Hilton Brand Hotels in Washington, D.C.

Written by – Updated November 16, 2023

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Hotel Station State Commute Blocks
Embassy Suites Friendship Heights DC 15 mins 1
Embassy Suites King Street VA 20 mins 1
Hilton Ballston VA 15 mins 1
Hilton King Street VA 20 mins 1
Hilton TwinBrook MD 25 mins 1
Hilton Garden Inn King Street VA 20 mins 1
Hilton Garden Inn McPherson Square DC 5 mins 1
Hampton Navy Yard DC 15 mins 2
Hampton Inn Farragut DC 5 mins 2
Hampton Inn King Street VA 20 mins 2
Radisson Hilton Crystal City DCA 15 mins 2
Hilton Garden Courthouse / Clarendon VA 15 mins 2
Hilton Garden Bethesda MD 20 mins 2
Hilton Garden Inn New York Ave DC 5 mins 2
Homewood Suites Navy Yard DC 15 mins 2
Embassy Suites Pentagon City DCA 15 mins 3
Embassy Suites Spring Hill VA 30 mins 3
Hampton Inn Crystal City DCA 15 mins 3
Hilton Farragut DC 5 mins 3
DoubleTree Pentagon City DCA 15 mins 4
DoubleTree Silver Spring MD 25 mins 4
Hampton Inn Silver Spring MD 25 mins 4
Hilton Tysons Corner VA 30 mins 4
Homewood Suites Silver Spring MD 25 mins 4
Hampton Inn Branch Ave. MD 30 mins 6

The Hilton brand has six signature hotels in the DC area that are close to the metro line: Hilton Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn, DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites. All hotels have their strengths and weaknesses, and most of the hotels typically average around $200.

Out of all the Hilton Hotels, my first suggestion would be the King Street Hilton hotel in Old Town Alexandria which boasts good rates and cheap weekend deals. The location is convenient to DC and can appeal to all travelers with its close proximity to DC sights, activities and the metro station. Many of the other Hilton brand hotel options tend to be a bit pricey within a 20 minute commute to DC.

Hampton Inn offers the most affordable pricing on average, but those savings are only available once you get outside the city radius and into suburbs. Embassy Suites and Hilton Garden Inn are generally more expensive across the board. Homewood Suites has some similar rates to the Hilton in King Street, but are not as convenient to the respective metro station compared to the Hilton near King Street metro station, which is only a block away. If you plan on staying at a Hilton brand hotel, start by looking at King Street Hilton hotel.

Washington, DC has 7 Hilton hotels near a metro station. The locations include Ballston, Crystal City, Farragut, Springfield, King Street, Twinbrook and Tysons Corner. Ballston and Crystal City areas are in Arlington, Virginia and the Hilton hotels in both these areas are only a block or two from the metro station and 15 minutes to Downtown DC. The Farragut location is right in DC but has very expensive rates. King Street Hilton is in Old Town Alexandria and the hotel is a block to the metro. Weekend rates are good for this location and the area is fun for all travelers with a mix of sights, shopping and restaurants. Twinbrook Hilton is in a suburb of Maryland about 4 blocks away from the metro. The area is suburban and would appeal to people who prefer quiet areas with outdoor active activities. Tysons Corner is a hub of shopping and the Hilton near Tysons Corner metro station is 4 blocks away and 30 minutes away from DC. The Springfield Hilton has the cheapest and best rates, located in a suburb with local shopping and art scene.

Why Find a Hilton Near the Metro?

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The Metro system in DC is fast, convenient and cheap. In fact, it’s cheaper to take the metro than to drive around, whether you’re in DC for business, vacation or just visiting.

Parking anywhere in the DC area can be expensive and frustrating. Add on the hectic traffic and limited street parking, and you’re looking at spending more time and money than it’s really worth.

The DC metro system can take you anywhere you need to go, usually within a 15 minute ride (30 if you’re out towards the suburbs). Be sure to stay at one of these hotels close to a Metro station and save the hassle